Urological Disorders and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an anatomical and physiological altered kingdom and the presence of a variety of urological troubles no longer solely aggravates the sickness itself, however also consequences in unfavorable pregnancy outcome. Gestation in many instances alters the anatomy and physiology of kidney and urinary tract in such way that because of this it can end result in a number of signs and pathological conditions. The kidneys enlarge in dimension by 1–1.5 cm during pregnancy and extent increases by way of up to 30% due to expand in renal vascular and interstitial volume. The total number of nephrons remains steady however the glomerular filtration fee (GFR) is raised approximately via 40–50%. The renal pelvises and calyceal structures are dilated due to the fact of easy muscle relaxing impact of progesterone and additionally mechanical compression of the ureters through the enlarged gravid uterus at the pelvic brim.

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